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How so good will it be in your life everyday, If you find something attractive and feel special touch.  We help to develop and provide the ideal solution of paints for your.

Product list / Name


GENECURE UV-4100UV Curable paint Low gloss appearance and good weather resistance.
GENECURE UV-4300UV Curable paint High gloss, high levelling appearance, Hard coating, high performance,
high functional property.
CRYSTAL COAT #21002K Acrylic silicone, Good adhesion to glass bottle, excellent chemical resistance
especially perfume resistance.
GENELAC JP-51K Acrylic baking paint. General purpose for various metal such as Aluminum, stainless etc.
GENELAC JP-5S1K Acrylic melamine baking paint, Excellent hardness performance, and Alcohol resistance.
GENEPLATE JP-11102K PU High gloss one-coat finish, Good alcohol resistance and adhesion to various plastic,
especially PET (cosmetic bottle)
GENEPLATE JP-11112K PU Good alcohol resistance and adhesion to various plastic such as PET, PBT, wide variety of
solid, matted, and brightness silver.
GENECRYL #UBC1K Acrylic basecoat for UV Curable paint.
GENECRYL #20051K Acryl basecoat for wide 2K-PU Topcoat paint types.
GENEPRIMER E#30002K Epoxy primer for metal, Excellent corrosion resistance.
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