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1-Pack acrylic paint, TX free type
PLASLAC TXL CT-1Conventional 1K acrylic type for automotive. Good weather ability and chemical resistance.
MICRON TXL No. 6001K special modified acrylic type for good adhesion to PP plastic,
Good oil resistance, and can be apply to various plastic (PP, ABS, PC, PC/ABS).
HIGH METAL A-300 TXLHigh brightness silver 1K acrylic lacquer paint, Excellent paint film performance.
GENEPRIMER PP No.1 AROMATIC FREEPrimer for PP plastic 1K paint type, good adhesion and cohesion to various 2K PU paint.
2-Pack acrylic Polyurethane paint, TX free type
GENEPLATE JP-5109 AROMATIC FREEHigh gloss one-coat finish, A wide variety of color and effects coating
for ABS and ABS/PC substrates.
GENEPLATE JP-5200 AROMATIC FREEHigh gloss one-coat finish, Good sunscreen resistance, and high film performance.
GENEPLATE JP-5700 AROMATC FREEHigh performance, wide variety of color and effects costing both solid and silver color.
GENEPLATE JP-5900 AROMATIC FREEExcellent Laser etching property, hiding power, and good adhesion to PC plastic.
GENEPLATE JP-5100 AROMATIC FREETop coat clear high gloss, good levelling appearance and high film performance.
GENEPLATE JP-5300 AROMATIC FREETop clear coat, High solid, film build property, excellent appearance,
and good chemical resistance.
STRONE ACE HL-150 TXLGood leveling paint surface, Good buff polishing property.
STRONE ACE HG-300 TXLConventional 2K polyurethane paint for automotive, Good laser etching.
STRONE ACE HG-700 TXLAdjustable wide gloss range, Good chemical resistance,Fast drying and Work-ability.
STRONE ACE HG-800 TXLHigh brightness, good chemical resistance and weather resistance.
STRONE ACE CR-900 TXLExcellent several chemical resistance, high performance.Good levelling appearance,
workability and faster drying property.
HIGH METAL 2P-500 TXLSuperior brightness silver and metal like appearance.Excellent inter-coat adhesiveness
to various topcoats
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