Quality Control Process

The color inspection

Spectra Light Booth is a tool used to simulate the light source condition such as Daylight (D65), Incandescent light A, and Department store light TL84 for determining an accurate visual evaluation.

The different light source affects to the colour shade. To inspect the accuracy during the production, every paint will initially investigate the colour shade compared with target panel.



Chroma meter

To eliminate the ambiguity in visual judgement, The Chroma meter is another device to measure the color value by used L*, a*, b* color space system. Moreover, it used to compare the color shade between sample and standard color then measure the absolute color coordinates in ∆L*, ∆a*, ∆b* value and differences between colors in ∆E* Value.


Tri-Angle Gloss Meter

Gloss is a value that indicates the intensity of the specular reflection of the surface of an object.

To guarantee the quality of product, the gloss is the important parameter must be measure and compare with target panel.

Generally, the 60° is the universal standard measurement angle for measuring the gloss. To complement this the Tri-angle gloss meter instrument also has 20° for improved measurement on high gloss surface, and 85° which gives improved resolution on matt surface.


Coating thickness gauge
A coating thickness gauge is used to measure dry film thickness.


Dual Type Film Thickness Gauge

non-destructive coating thickness measurement, which do not damage the coating or the substrate. Used for coatings on ferrous substrate with measuring by magnetic induction, and non-ferrous substrate with measuring by eddy current.

Quality Control Process

QC  be determined to maintain quality of products to meet the standard for making customers satisfaction. The process to control quality are as below.


  • Check purity of raw materials by Gas  Chromatography (GC) 
  • Check water  content by Karl  Fisher  Titration


  • We control formulation, process and quality for semi-product to maintain quality of color shade, gloss, size of pigment, solid content and viscosity of paint.


  • Inspect the production process formula used in production according to the required standard 
  • Check the quality of the products to meet the specified standards. by using various measuring tools that has been calibrated regularly from  accredited agencies according to international standards
  • Check the color shades according to the customer's needs by using eyes, color measurement tools, Colorimeter, Glossmeter.
  • Quality control product to meet the requirement of customers
  • Control the Color shades according to the criteria specified in the product. 
We check color shade by eyesight with using standard color box (BYK o-spectra  Basic -3 illuminants)

Check Delta E by Chromameter  CR-400

Check gloss by Gloss  Meter


Check viscosity 


Check viscosity by Kreb Viscometer, Ford  Cup  No.4
Check Specific Gravity by Specific Gravity Cup and Hydrometer

Specific  Gravity Cup


Check size of pigment by Grind gauge

Grind Gauge
  • Control quality of equipment, measuring instrument and testing machine 
  • Calibration measuring instrument every once a year  by outsource that certified standard of ISO 17025    
  • Verification measuring instrument constantly to confirm accuracy.
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